Nurture the next generation of tech unicorns in Southeast Asia


We aim to build global technology unicorns, help fulfill the mission of the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem, promote democratic transparency and develop a dynamic investment community for projects and businesses.

Core Value

With economic resources, a team of experienced mentors as well as its existing partner network and ecosystem, U2U Venture Builder will help small and medium-sized enterprises develop comprehensively, improve management capacity, technology as well as business.

Why join Us?

The leading technology Incubator in the field of Blockchain technology which has combined both local and global benefits and support that far exceeds any comparable program

  • Expertise & Infrastructure

    With U2U Foundation, we provide the technical know-how and resources to help you make a seamless step-by-step transition from Web2 to Web3.

  • Solutions

    Understanding that each startup is unique, we tailor our approaches to solve the challenges, leveraging the full potential of Blockchain for your operations.

  • Connecting the ecosystem

    Engaging with a diverse community of innovators, investors and advisors can create valuable opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.

  • Investment & Support

    In addition to technical support, we also provide investment opportunities and support to potential startups, in line with our vision of a sustainable and decentralized future.

U2U VB Partner

Advisory Board

Mr. Nguyen Trung Trang

Founder of Timebit OTC Exchange
CEO Timegroup Venture Builder

Mr. Tran Tuan Anh

Co-Founder & Head of Research at Maxx Capital Ventures

Mr. Le Bao Nguyen

CEO of BMoon Network

Mr. Le Thai Duong

CEO of Vietnam Startup Insider,
Global Expert of NIPA, Korea
Innovation expert at Vietnam Ministry of Science & Technology

Mr. Vu Van Quang

Blockchain technology expert
and artificial intelligence (AI)

Startup Partner

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